Solar Installation

for Steel Building Fabricators in Stoke on Trent

Project Overview

MEB Total Renewable Energy recently completed a project for a Steel Manufacturing Installation company based in a rural location that did not have a 3 phase supply from the grid. The site generated its electricity from a 60 kVA generator for 10 hours per day over 250 days in a year.

Their fuel costs were equivalent today of £7,500 per annum plus the cost of purchasing the generator with ongoing maintenance. This would give a typical annual cost of £12,000 over a lifespan of 5 years.

Our renewable energy team installed a 90 kVA inverter charger in addition to 30 kWp of solar panels and 60 kW solar battery storage. This installation cost circa £85,000 which has allowed the site to run for 10 month per year without assistance from a generator. A generator typically runs 2 hours per day in order to charge the batteries.

Return on Investment

7.5 years

The typical return on investment is 7.5 years with the added benefit of a quiet site.

This figure is based upon 100kWh per day and a fuel cost of £1 per litre of diesel.

Based on typical quotes for electricity at 75p, as recently quoted on the UK’s annual cost of electricity, this will amount to £18,750 per year.

Monitor Your Power on a Smart App

The amount of power you generate is reported on your own generation meter, this information is also available on smart apps & web-based pages. Ask our team for more information.

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