Air Source Heat Pump Installers in Stoke

Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Our air source heat pump installers in Stoke provide a sustainable, low-carbon option for heating your home. Suitable for both new builds and existing properties, these installations offer a low-maintenance, energy-efficient heating solution.

Is Your Property Suitable?


For optimal efficiency, homes must be well-insulated for air source heat pump installers in Stoke to proceed. Some older properties might need insulation upgrades before installation.

Access to Mains Gas

Homes with access to mains gas can benefit from air source heat pump installations, with a higher return on investment typically seen when switching from oil, LPG, or electric heating systems.

Planning Permission

Generally, air source heat pumps do not require planning permission, making them a hassle-free option for many homeowners.

Heat Emitter Consideration

Air source heat pumps are most efficient when paired with low-flow temperature emitters, such as underfloor heating. However, they can still be used with traditional radiators, though larger units may be necessary to achieve the desired heating efficiency.

The Installation Process

The installation process for an air source heat pump in a single dwelling typically takes 5 working days, which includes commissioning as no groundworks are required.

Once the air source heat pump unit is installed, it will be connected to the hot water cylinder. The unit may, depending on your existing system, easily link to your water tank with limited additional work.

As air source heat pumps have very few moving parts, they require less ongoing maintenance than traditional heating systems. We recommend an annual service to ensure that your system is running at its optimum efficiency.

Larger radiator units may be needed to replace your existing radiators.

From initial enquiry to ongoing service and maintenance, we are on hand to answer questions and guide you through the process of your installation.

Running Costs

Running costs for an air source heat pump installation will differ depending on the size of the area you are heating, the temperature you choose to run the system at and a number of other factors, such as your choice of heat emitter and level of insulation.

Our in-house team would be happy to give you an estimation of your running costs should you wish to discuss your project with us.

Return On Investment

The return on investment for air source heat pump installations depends on the system it replaces and its running costs. Replacements for oil or LPG heating systems generally yield the highest returns. Additionally, through the boiler upgrade scheme, you could get a £7,500 grant to cover the cost of a heat pump.